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New Website Has Launched!

June 15, 2017
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Lead the Way has created a new website to reach more servant leaders. Our hearts are with those that dedicate their lives to help others and we want to assist them when they buy or sell a home.  It’s our turn to give something back and we need your help to reach as many serving citizens as possible.  Servant leaders are the backbone of our society, leading the way for future generations and you can help us putting a roof over their heads.


Servant Leaders

Some servant leaders that have been giving to their communities for years are still struggling to finance their dream house. We’re giving back 25% of our commission when they buy a home, so they get to keep more of their well-earned money.  Our lender partners also give back a portion of their commissions, which helps save even more.  We also give back 25% of commissions when they sell their home.

It’s our mission to help teachers, firefighters, medical workers, veterans, police officers, ministers and all of their supporting personnel.  Anyone who’s currently getting a degree into any of these fields, can also count on our support.


Our services enable servant leaders of our country to keep their financial burden low and to stay focused on helping others.  We will guide them through the whole process of buying a home and they can use the money that’s saved on commission for whatever need they may have.


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