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How Much Money We’re Saving Our Clients

June 20, 2017
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How Much Money We’re Saving Our Clients
Lead The Way – Home Savings Program tries to reach as many heroes as possible who need help buying or selling a home. We have ambitious goals but they are achievable. Today we’ll show you how many people we want to reach and how much money we’re aiming to save our clients. We’ve made an infographic to visualize how big our impact will be on the people who most deserve it.

InfoGraphicAbout twenty percent of all the available jobs in the US are our heroes and their supporting personnel. This means that twenty percent of sold houses are bought by our targeted market, coming down to approximately 1.1 million houses in total.

Our potential clients pay an estimated $11.7 billion per year on commissions to real estate agents. We feel that people who served our country in the past or present, deserve a to get money back.

Our goal

Our strong ambition tells us that we can reach ten percent of our target group this year. When we succeed, we will have saved a total of $292.5 million for our heroes all across the US! It’s an amazing amount of money but it’s the least we can do for the people who sacrificed so much to help others.

The impossible will become possible for heroes that are wanting to buy or sell a house and put money back in their pockets. After years of giving to our society, it’s time to give back to them.

We need your help!

You can help us reach our goal by spreading the word. Inform anyone around you that presently works or has previously worked in police work, firefighting, teaching, medical industry, ministry, or they are active duty military or a veteran (and any of the supporting personnel for all categories.) It’s a small effort for you but it can change the life of your friend, neighbour, acquaintance or anyone else you might know.

Together we can do this! Please share this article on Facebook or Twitter and send the link to our website to anyone who fits the profile.

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